Amateur Astronomers

Welcome to the Astro-Nuts Homepage (The Astronomy Beginner’s Help Site).
Info. for the beginning astronomer.

GSOC Satellite Predictions
This is a vwery cool site! Enter in your location and it gives you the time and location of visible satellites, Mir, ISS, and Iridium Flares for the next week. Also includes sky charts and other info.

Paul Laughton
Paul Laughton’s site contains a lot of info. on CCD imaging and astrophotography.

Al Timke’s Astronomy/Science Page
A collection of selected links for general astronomy/science, deep sky and planetary observing, magazines and journals and space/NASA.

Astronomical Journeys

Stargazer Online

Scotts Amateur Astronomy Site

Just a fun page on my hobby (astronomy) and my family. There’s also some pretty incredible artwork by my pal Adolf. Stop by!

Cielosur – Astronomia en el Hemisferio Sur
Astronomy page in South America. Daily updates.

Run Off Roof Observatory
The construction of a Run Off Roof observatory by Paul Andrew to house a Meade 16″ Starfinder reflector.

M51.CoM Family Science ForuM
Family WebSite helping to illuminate the clash between science and politics….

The Salopian Web

Information Center for New Star Gazers
A site dedicated to help people to get started in Astronomy as a hobby.

The Amateur Astronomer’s Web Page
Telescope building tips by an amateur astronomer.

Dale Irelands Astronomy Page
Info. on comets and satellite observing. Also has a “Stairway to Heaven” audio clip.

Chris Lasley… Balding Astronomer
Info. about a cookbook ccd autoguider.

Randy’s Amateur Astronomy Home Page
Astrophotography and ccd imaging with a 10″ LX-200 and Meade ETX.

Astronomical Photography by Chris Cook
A gallery of astronomical photography. Prints are offered for sale.

Scott Berfield
Telescope making and astrophotography.

ATM: General Info.

Tonkin’s Web Page
Atm info.

Making a Telescope
Plans for making a Newtonian reflector. Includes mathematical formulae.

Amateur Telescope Making
General ATM page.

A Simple LED “red-dot” Finder
Build your own reflex sight.

Top Ten Ways of Improving Newtonian Telescope Optics

Dual Axis Stepper Motor Controller
Build your own stepper motor controller for your equatorial mount.

Digital Setting Circles Project

The ATM Page
Tons of info. on amateur telescope building.

Telescopes and Telescope Making
Tons of general info about atm. Includes info about grinding large mirrors.


Nerd World
Plenty of astronomy and science links.

The World of Science

Extrasolar Visions
This site is an excellent place to let your imagination roam! (Yet based on astronomical findings)

Astro links
A few astro-related links in what will be an

Astro World
Astronomy site written in Korean and English.
Plenty of info. about astronomy sites.

Space Careers
With over 500 links directly related to space jobs and updated every week, Space Careers is the ultimate free resource for employment in the space industry.

Universe Today
Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday

Bad Astronomy
This site corrects false ideas about astronomy.

Asteroids! See the Impact…It’s Fun!
insight to asteroids, impacts, size, location,

The Universe From Astronomy To UFO’s is a place for space enthusiasts, offering a wealth of information ranging from space news, links to other sites and people on the NET, to articles, dictionaries and databases. – astronomy and space links, favorites, bookmarks
Over 500 of the best astronomy and space links, from astronaut to zenith, updated almost daily. Submit your own link!

Association of Christian Astronomers
One-of-a-kind internet hub for Christian astronomers. Includes free membership, classifieds, messageboard, astronomy and evangelism resources, newsletter and discussion group with much more on the way.

The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study – Principle of Universe
One of the more creative web pages I’ve seen in a long time. It contains some interesting info. about black holes and worm holes.